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Life In The Shit And Beyond

Andrea on July 2, 2017 - 5:47 pm in Books

LIFE IN THE SHIT AND BEYOND has been written after a long summer retreat, as and end-result of a huge transformation. It took me great courage to write it, to say out loud the truth, the way I see the truth…

In my experience, most of the people seem to avoid the truth at all levels, because of the fear… This is why the language of the book might give the impression of defiance…

THE TRUTH is the very core of my life, that makes me breathe deeply every day, because I feel, that I’m ALIVE!

The book contains a great part of my journey, my understanding about life, love, faith, freedom, just as the stages, where people usually get stuck along the way to their life purpose!

And so many of them never get there… AND NEVER BECOME TRULY FULFILLED…

You can purchase the book in AMAZON, find the link HERE.


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