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Andrea on August 22, 2017 - 4:55 pm in Traveller

Belgian chocolate is famous just as the Belgian breweries with a wide range of special beers. You can find here whatever you are looking for.

Well, what can I say?

Central Station AntwerpI’ve lived in Brussels for 3 months back in 2004, coming from NL for apprenticeship. That was tough. I had to catch up with French in a French project, I worked hard, but I succeeded anyway. In the end, I was offered a job in the company.

They even called me two years later before graduation, but I said no.

Anyway, I already knew what it feels like to live in Brussels, how is life in Belgium, the Flemish and the Walloon people, the inner conflicts…

It is like a country split up in two… The Flemish are more lucky, since they learn both French and Dutch… I was confused while speaking French, since there are differences between the Belgian French and French French. Belgian say 80 for 80, French say 4×20 for 80. Funny… That was funny…

I learn fast anyway, so that was not a problem…

There are a lot of immigrants in Belgium, from the African colonies of Belgium, from other poor countries, from Morocco, Kongo, New Guinea… actually a lot of countries…

I didn’t feel safe walking in the evening as a woman in the capital. Many times, men came to me and tried to have a conversation…

Grand Place BrusselsI am used to good old Budapest, where I feel absolutely safe even walking in the night… But that’s just me!

What I was focused on in Brussels was mainly the buildings and institutions of the European Union and the NATO.

The toughest above all was the NATO… the energy was very dark there… of course, the energy of war…

Lately many times I had the feeling, that the dark forces working behind the scenes want to manifest the 3rd WW… Well, that makes me work a lot lately… I do my best to cleanse as much darkness and energy of war as possible.

The EU was also interesting. There are the big countries, the small countries, the rich and the poor countries and some of the countries make use of the other ones. This is a tough topic and I wouldn’t get too deep into it, like who is who… It doesn’t matter. The main purpose is to solve the situation.

The EU should be about a network of communities, where the parties support each other based on truth, honor, dignity… Does that work? Of course. Many times, people represent more themselves and their greed, rather than the country.

What can you do? I do my best to bring in the truth and the light.

Ohh and I did another interesting thing.

The NATOAs I witnessed in many countries, people turn away from nature, they don’t really respect it, they don’t know how to connect with it and that is very said.

What I did in all the countries is, that I connected people with nature, so that nature can serve people and people can serve nature. That brings a lot of life energy inside people, helps them get cleansed, reconnect and care more about what is around them, care more about the environment.

Lately a big whale died as he dived till Paris…

Why happen such a thing? People don’t care. They have to see more and more disasters, they have to feel the pain of the planet, otherwise they don’t do anything. Therefor they have to see pain, disaster, death, suffer… maybe then, more and more people will wake up…

And imagine… how much sacrifice does that take? Awakening needs sacrifice and that poor whale was one of them.


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