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Andrea on August 22, 2017 - 5:30 pm in Traveller

I flew to Sofia directly from Eindhoven, after my BENELUX cleansing trip combined with visiting the boyfriend. This was my last trip to visit him, since we are not together anymore…

I was scared travelling to Sofia… It felt weird.

The Place Where I Stayed

The country seemed very simple. People are poor, the place feels like a travel back in time. Young people move abroad, so the majority of the population is old. People seem lost in space, stuck in their old life.

As I learned about history, I realized that, okay Orthodox religion kept them safe from the Turks, but in the same time, kept them stuck and old-fashioned.

They didn’t seem a flexible nation, which is open to grow fast… People are simple, you don’t find any clue of spirituality and awareness. In such country, it is more considered being a sin and if you are spiritual, probably you are a witch.

What can you do?

I did my best… I cleansed old energies, the blockages of the church, faith, beliefs, I brought in some new energy and tried to make people more open to growth, more dynamic. The Russian influence is also very huge in this country, which felt, that blocks growth…


I must have had some big trauma in Russia in a past life. As I saw everywhere Cyrillic letters, I freaked out. I felt fear of death, that somebody will kill me and my life is in danger. I could finally let that go…

Great Veggie Soups in the Center

Yes, Bulgaria needs to catch up quickly and grow…

Typical Orthodox Church

I ate some great soup in a soup bar, but as I am vegetarian, I am very picky. For the rest, I bought some fruits that made me very happy. It was not a long trip. I had a very nice place to stay. People seemed rather cold… but I could deal with that.

It was a great experience for me. I was born in Romania and being here, felt like I’m back in time 25 years ago in Romania… Of course, the cares and clothes mostly are up-to-date, but the feeling, the energy, the environment is all old…

Before, I could imagine only living in a place, where the energy is good. I was thinking… If I had to live here, to bring more light, since this country definitely needs it, I could do it from my heart…


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