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My Charity: Cleansing Countries and Giving Back

Andrea on July 30, 2017 - 11:06 pm in Traveller

Welcome to my blog! I am so happy, that I am able to share more and more value with you. This is a very interesting category, where I share my travels. These travels are very special… I don’t travel just for fun…

Approximately one year ago an idea came to my mind, of which I had let go for a while, but then it just kept bugging me over the time. I couldn’t give it up, because it came from my heart and I wanted to do it so badly…

For a while, I thought, that I need a lot of money and time for it, my ego was still selfish. That was the belief that made me give up on one of my big dreams, but only for a while… Since then, I can squeeze this project into my very busy life, although it is very time and energy consuming… It also turned out, that it is an affordable project, so I can pay for all the travels.

In the last 2 months, I’ve been to 8 countries. It took a lot of energy, mainly because I went to energetically cleanse countries. This might sound insane, right?
Yes, I am a crazy person, who is not living an average life. I do, what many don’t, I dream about what others never think of… I dream about a different world, about a happy planet EARTH.

A few days ago, as I was fighting within myself, I asked myself a very important question.

What is the most important thing in my life? What is my no. 1 purpose and dream? I was thinking…

I felt the answer. My most important issue in life is, that I want the Earth to be in light, to remove the darkness and all the misery, to see happy people, nations, so that we take care of nature, environment, ourselves, others, from our hearts. We shouldn’t do anymore things, that damage the planet… We have only ONE PLANET!
Believe it or not, this is the most important thing for me. I am way over my personal needs, my personal goals, my selfish self. I’m not crazy about shopping clothes, about fancy cars, about a big luxury home… I am crazy about the planet…

And I was thinking… How can I do the most? How can I help this process???

And the answer: I go and cleanse countries, history, nations, places, human DNA energetically. More simply said, I cleanse darkness and bring life as deeply as possible. I have the power to do that, I am a healer.

Is it visible what I do? No. Not immediately. But the change starts at deep energetic levels, which makes people change step-by-step…

Let’s look at the energy of war. We have a lot of this energy in our past, we inherit the memories, from past lives, from ancestors and our system radiates energy, sometimes at deep levels, that we don’t even notice. Also, this energy is present at many places, where there was any war.

When this energy merges, it becomes hatred, pain, fear and war again. There is always a great cause, why we should have wars and we don’t observe and understand, that it is the effect of all this war energy present on the earth and within ourselves, stored as information bits.

Spending a half night in the airport from in Athens, from Budapest to Santorini… The floor was a bit hard lol

Yes, and my burden is, that I can see and feel it. This is also how I heal people, that I see and feel energies at very deep levels. So, as I see it, feel it, I have to do something about it. Sometimes I feel the pain and suffer of the planet.

I cannot just sit and watch. I am way over my fears, my personal needs, I fulfilled my life, so I can look around, where can I help. I think, although not visible, but this is the most effective work I can do for the planet. So, I go, I cleanse, I connect…

I cannot really describe what I do, what happens in these sessions. It is very hard, energy consuming work, that makes me very exhausted. Now, coming home from Bulgaria, I felt, that I needed a break. Next week, in 4 days I go to Stockholm. But then, will definitely need a break.

I planned to travel to every country on the planet, first in Europe and then on other continents. As I counted, it is at least a 10-20-year-project. But I don’t mind…
I learn so much about cultures, places, energies, the correlations behind the scenes. It is the most amazing job, that I could imagine… Many would complain, that I pay my own salary, it’s not a job… In fact, I have no salary, because what I earn in my company, I spend on my travels…

You know what? It doesn’t matter… In the end money doesn’t matter, only the experience you gain and what you give. I have a choice: I sit on the money and keep it for myself or do something truly significant with it. I chose the second option, my heart chose it…

My other dream is, to become very rich. I have the absolute belief, that it will happen. I want to spend that money launching projects that help the mental and emotional transformation of the people, so that they become more conscious and they care more about themselves and everything around.
I want to see happy and fulfilled people on this planet and I do what it takes, to make it come true!


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