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Cleansing Croatia

Andrea on July 30, 2017 - 11:13 pm in Traveller

I’m still trying to find the tone and the right way to write about these travels.

Crowded on the train-bus-train trip actually on the bus…

I think I am still warming up.

I don’t know what to share, what not to share, how to do it, as the cleansings and the world in which I operate are very deep.

Croatia is a very nice country. This time me, and the kids have been to the capital, Zagreb. We did not make it to the sea. Found a great apartment with 3 rooms, so everybody had a separate room and everything was very comfy. We cooked, it was much better than eating in the restaurant, I am a bit bored of heavy food in the restaurants.

I am vegetarian, almost vegan, so I am very picky with the food. Anyway, we bought ‘cevap’, the national meal for the kids, small meat sticks with fries. We found a great place where we had smoothies and ice cream.

The weather was amazing, we were close to a big lake, so one whole day we spent by the lake. It was very peaceful and the water was amazing.

We all love being close to nature.

Four seasons egg in the center

The other day we spent in the city center chasing the energy round the parliament and some more important churches, the cathedral. I tried to feel the energy, the locals, how they live, the religion. Usually churches are very dirty, since the leaders along the centuries made it become dirty. Many times, I find religious spells, blockages…

We travelled by train from Budapest, which was quite adventurous. We had to change to bus for a section and there was only one bus for a lot of people. It felt like a travel in time, in a nomadic, crowded bus. Anyway, we survived… The city is very humble, nice, the people are also nice. They are not rich, have an average standard of living and probably in the countryside they are more poor…

In the cathedral, I could unlock some big keys. Sometimes it feels like being in a puzzle game. You have to unlock the keys and then put the puzzles together. Zagreb was also a huge personal transformation, which happened mainly in the apartment.


One of the main spots, the cathedral

I was in a survival mode, all dizzy and the depth inside me pulled me in a bit. Anyway… So, some parts of the day we spent in the apartment as I had to work on myself quite a lot.

I am used to these deep sessions with myself. This is part of my spiritual growth. Sometimes I work also in the big collective subconscious, sometimes on the country, sometimes on myself, but it all interrelates…


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