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Cleansing Slovenia

Andrea on July 30, 2017 - 11:17 pm in Traveller

I love Slovenia, small, but very nice country.

We have been by train to Ljubljana with the kids.

Me and my son in Ljubljana by the castle

The capital is not big, but it is full of green, parks, trees. Everything is nice and humble. People are very relaxed. The center looks amazing, with the castle on the hill, with lots of restaurants along the river Ljubljanica.

Somehow, I bumped into spirituality. First, we saw a gallery of a spiritual artist painting amazing paintings expressing energies and divinity. We went into the gallery, amazing experience… we were like wow…


The next day in the market I saw a man selling crystals and organites crafted by him meant to protect and heal energies. I was standing there, I just felt that I have to buy something… Didn’t feel sympathy for the man, but still I felt something and just followed my inner guidance.

I bought two organites, one with the flower of life on a necklace, and one bigger to keep it around me.

I bought them and something didn’t feel good, so I went after my senses. What is happening behind the scenes? No idea…

Amazing jazz musicians on the streets…

So, I realized that the man is using dark energies, even if not on purpose and he spelled also his craftwork and the things that I bought… I went deeper and deeper into cleansing unlocking powers, freeing crystal energy at deep levels… That was a weird experience but showed me a problem at a global level.

Many people learn to use symbols, crystals for healing or creating something. They use it but they don’t walk the path of the righteous people. They don’t learn by experience, they don’t have the humility, they are rather greedy and selfish and use these things to build power serving deep dark powers out there.

My best picture about the castle lol

And yes, this is dangerous, that you cannot judge and feel what is happening to you or out there, what is right, what is wrong and so you get mistaken… I did my best to break the witchcraft, because a lot of dark people use symbols, spells, crystals for dark purposes. When you don’t go through the process of learning and growth following the lessons of life, you get stuck in greed and do things to gain power and money…

Slovenia was the place where I could learn this lesson. Of course, I also connected this country with the countries I already have been to… It felt so good that the energy grew bigger, that the light was bigger…

Slovenia is really amazing, full of mountains, a lot of nature and green spaces, great food and yes you can really relax there…


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