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How to Master the Art of Life!


Join me and try a different course, a different approach, a different way of life, which leads to absolute MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL FREEDOMactually THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS!

With the help of this course, you can learn, how to solve your problems, discover limits, avoid the ways you try to stop yourself, on a daily basis and GET the results you desire.

You CAN really become UNSTOPPABLE

What the course contains:

Action Book-Ebook- Meditations- Audios-Worksheets- Challenge- Support- Lifelong Results- FREE Lifestyle- The Art of Living


So far you might:

  • either let yourself be ruled and defeated by problems
  • strive to solve them, but it is many times impossible,
  • you tried every single technique, but still it doesn’t work properly or at all…

YET probably you are still NOT ABLE to solve your problems and get stuck over and over again.

Every day you stay in the same mess… helpless, in the fear of what is coming next.

You might be full of STRESS, ANXIETY, FEAR… no control upon your life, therefore ANGER, PAIN, HATRED can easily take control over you?


Tough question, but: Were you supposed to live in a SURVIVAL MODE???


You were supposed to grow up and handle problems, become SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY, WEALTHY, FREE BUT…

for some reason it DOES NOT HAPPEN… and again it does not happen…

You might ask yourself WHYYYY???

  • Am I stupid?
  • Am I evil?
  • Did I make a mistake?
  • Do I deserve punishment?

You don’t understand… Hmmm… No matter what you do, PROBLEMS still keep coming to you. They are becoming bigger and bigger monsters in your head, in your heart, in your soul…

And yes, they slow down your motions and actions You might feel HELPLESS… and still, you try to run away OR already lost your power to move… GAVE IT ALL UP!!!

You feel like you’ve tried everything and NOTHING WORKS…

Do you feel like?

  • I won’t be able to get out of this for the rest of my life;
  • I lost control over my life, in fact never really had it;
  • Maybe it’s my fault, I’m not good enough, I have never been good enough;
  • Maybe this is what I deserve;
  • I hate those, who can make it…

You are about to give up, but you CAN’T! There must be something that works, there must BE!!!

There has to be a better way… there IS a better way! You still can’t give it up!

I KNOW, I FELT THIS PAIN TILL MY BONES… I was also lost, hopeless, full of fear, anger, pain…

This is the change I’ve been through at all levels…That time didn’t really seemed like, but I’ve been a loser compared to who I became.

I found out, that there IS A WAY to solve the problems. There is a way to transform your LIFE!

Most people spend a lifetime not even thinking, that there is a way out of it… I thought that too, or better said didn’t even think about it, hopelessness just happened to me…

I felt a LOSER, helpless, shit, a complete mess, no self-esteem, all masculine, rough, not even close to being or feeling like a woman… Besides, I had asthma, no money, no recognition, full of anger, pain, anxiety, rage, fear…


It all turned around, when I was 28… when the nightmare started… when, my life collapsed and I couldn’t hold on anymore…


no money, no job, series of failures, no self-esteem, my mother in the hospital, no way out of a deep whole;


Felt like I’m about to lose my mind, since I cannot hold on anymore… That was the worst that could happen to me… With my last money I subscribed for a training, the last hope I had…

AND THEN…after losing my phone on the bus that day, freaking out, through this course my life started to GET BETTER!


So later on, I didn’t wait for the problems to get BIGGER, but I worked on myself and solved them a.s.a.p.… and this became my LIFESTYLE


EVERY DAY, EVERY HOUR, EVERY MINUTE… I’m serious!!! I worked very hard on myself…


Since then, I improved and combined the techniques, invented new ones, to be more effective and I helped hundreds of people personally BRINGING THEM BACK TO LIFE.

I became passionate about life, about living life and learning to live, about facing challenges with full power, about watching out for that part of me, who wants to stop me every day…

I became aware of the process of growth and set up bigger and bigger goals every day!

I forgot the word: IMPOSSIBLE, since only my thoughts, beliefs, emotions make something impossible… I CHANGED A LOT!

Harmonized, balanced, fulfilled my life as a:


To master one area is not easy, but, many people can show that to you… Transforming all areas and BUILDING BALANCE… THAT’s pure ART

I took, what didn’t work in all the fields of my life and transformed it all step-by-step, therefore a life opened up, of which I couldn’t even dream of…

I feel BLESSED, FULFILLED, my life became to have a deep purpose: To SUPPORT OTHERS! As many people as possible…

What I have now is a LIFETIME TOOL, which you never spend, never leaves you, improves your life every day…

And this is what I’m going to teach you, because:

  • I want you to BECOME ALIVE!
  • I want you to SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS!
  • I want you to BUILD BALANCE!

BECAUSE YOU CAN!!! I show you, how to do it! I gradually became the master of mistakes, failures, learning, growth, faith, commitment. This is what brought me here!

I have no fear of failure, that is killing growth… I show you how to GROW and GET, what you WANT!

This is a SKILL, a LIFESTYLE, a life PHILOSOPHY! Just as I got out of that trap, YOU CAN TOO!

When you join my DAILY PROBLEM SOLVING course, you will receive a complete program about how to transform your life.

You will learn about:

  • how we approach our problems;
  • what type of problems we have;
  • about those, that we don’t solve but could in fact;
  • what is behind a problem;
  • why is something a problem and how it can be changed;
  • why are we addicted to subconsciously creating problems;
  • why and how you will try to stop yourself about fixing your life after you start the course;
  • why most of the trainings fail, even if they offer great tools and knowledge;
  • what is the missing brick from the system of many courses, because of which you fail to reach success;
  • will show you the missing part, which makes this course so special;
  • will show you the technique, that saved my life besides many others;
  • you will be guided step-by-step, so that you have no chance to give up;
  • you will set up the observer inside, so that it keeps you on track against the sabotager part of you;
  • you will notice how the inner parent and inner child act for and against your best;
  • you will experience your own success through a 21 days’ challenge, I will guide you through;
  • how you can implement the techniques in your daily routines;

The Daily Problem Solving program is a blueprint of my own practical experience, which helps you to create a harmonic life, inner peace, power, freedom:

  • brings transformation of yourself, of your life the positive way;
  • helps you develop the skills, that will bring you the balance, power and success for a lifetime;
  • gives great knowledge, about how to discover yourself, the truth and wisdom inside you;
  • informs you honestly about what to expect so that you are not fooled for the big promises;
  • you get to know the truth, what you need to do, in order to achieve the results, you desire;

The course includes:


Daily Problem Solving Skills

What does the study material offer:


  • guides you through the program;
  • shows you the steps you have to follow one-by-one;
  • explains the different parts of it;
  • prepares you for the process;


  • offers great knowledge about why we get stuck;
  • explains, why many trainings don’t work and what is so special about this;
  • what decisions you have to commit yourself to in order to reach success;
  • explains the technique of transforming the problems;
  • shows very powerful tools that are so simple, yet we never use them;
  • is written in a style that creates the momentum, so that you won’t stop;
  • will share about the impact of your emotions on your life;
  • will show you how to set up the observer self, to keep control of the process of growth;
  • will show you how the inner parent and inner child sometimes tries to stop you and creates inner conflicts and also how to handle that;


  • 14 meditations that guide you through every trick, to put everything into practice;
  • give you comfort, motivation, release anytime, in any moment of your life;
  • make the book and the rest of the material even more practical;
  • helps set up and process the inner limits, that block you;
  • helps you set up control upon your life, emotions, thoughts;
  • helps you tap into your own power;
  • guides you through the process of cleansing and eliminating inner limits;
  • changes the mindset;
  • helps you handle the inner parent, inner child, set up the observer;
  • develops the skills you need for the new life, full of growth;


  • the 3 audios are also about to make sure that you don’t stop or stand up whenever you fall;
  • are full of power, motivation;
  • I call them kick-ass audios, because I push you through the course with them;
  • the more you listen to them, the more conscious you become about the process;
  • you’ll learn to not give up;
  • you learn to become unstoppable;
  • you’ll learn to celebrate;


  • are about to support your daily self-work, self-analysis and processing of shit, so that you don’t bring them to the next day;
  • they are meant to make you clear on what’s happening in front and behind the scenes, give clarity;
  • you can follow-up your change and improvement by time;


The challenge is written in a very interactive and entertaining way, is an extra motivator and energy pill, which helps you put everything into practice:

  • the purpose of the challenge is to bring you the very first success implementing the technique;
  • to set up a daily routine, which you get used to, that will bring the continuous growth;
  • is an introduction into how to use the course in order to bring the most out of it;
  • you can transform a pattern within 21 days, so it helps you keep going every day;
  • brings inspiration and motivation;
  • short stories will bring you more momentum and understanding about the process and all you need to do;


  • a great community of likeminded people, who want to grow and are supporting each other;
  • getting new ideas, new stories, lots of inspiration in order to keep going;


What you need for success are the following skills that will constantly improve along the course:


If you are ready to a brand new lifestyle of freedom, sign up today!

…just imagine

  • going to work– you love what you do and you earn enough money to live the lifestyle you want, this gives you energy, drive and passion about both your life and your work;
  • looking in the mirror– you look deep into your eyes and love the person, who is looking back to you, you are happy with everything you have inside and outside; this gives you a lot of power, confidence; you simply love yourself;
  • spending time with yourself- you understand the importance of spending time with yourself, you take care of yourself, to move, relax, have fun and this fuels the other parts of your life;
  • spending time with others– you surround yourself with people who love you and support your growth and the relationship is based on pure unconditional love and understanding;
  • living a harmonic relationship– because the triggers are gone, games are over and you can focus on enjoying time and sharing love and support even in the toughest situations;
  • having enough money– get rid of all the patterns that keep you in shortage of money; so you deserve to have enough money for yourself, for hobbies, for holidays, for having a nice home, clothes, car simply because you learn to create it and let it in
  • handling problems– problems won’t get smaller, but they will transform and you will become bigger; you are confident and always find the best solution to have the best outcome;
  • you are simply a balanced, healthy, positive, powerful person, finding his/her purpose in life and creating whatever he/she wants

The program is perfect for you if:

  • sick of struggling– because you don’t know how to start and what to do, this is why the challenge will also help you to set things up;
  • proven step-by-step method– you don’t want just great knowledge, but also something that teaches you how to deal with yourself; without that even the best stuff might not work;
  • excited about creating your life– you are really inspired about designing a new, free life and you are ready to do whatever it takes and fight the old patterns, that are holding you back;
  • don’t have time to waste life, want to be alive– nothing is more precious, than being alive, making use of all the joy and endless possibilities life can offer, but you have to align yourself with them;
  • value support, belong to a community– you appreciate value, not usual techniques, that work even better and are more effective and you want to be part of people, who have the same purpose and go through the same process;
  • ready to put excuses aside– this is not the easiest way to change your life, but the easiest way to reach what you want, because there is no bullshit, it’s pure life experience, that works; If you follow the steps, you’ll have the results you desire;


About me:

I’m Andrea. I am over lots of life experiences in my life. Started life living the hard way, having strict, demanding, old-fashioned farmer parents and so my self-esteem and power was ruined. I got no respect and had no choice, but follow their command. This made me give up on myself and I lost contact with my own inner voice, that helps me find the things that are for me in life. I grew up and was totally lost, switching jobs, searching for myself… I was restless, but in the same time helpless, was not able to see things clear, to see myself from outside or find any solution for my misery…That time I was very masculine, rough, full of anger, fear, pain, anxiety…

Life found me the solution and my life collapsed. In fact, this way I was pushed to take another direction, since the old way didn’t work. I turned to personal development and spirituality, because I realized that getting to know myself and letting go of the old, limiting patterns that I grew up with, will lead me to where I want to be. Working on myself I grew immensely and very fast, I became unstoppable, observing myself and what’s happening to me every day. Besides this ‘hobby’, healing and helping people became my profession and helped hundreds of them.

I also built up a business in the beauty sector, to put the knowledge into practice. I realized that I have to unlearn, what’s wrong and learn to live life with another philosophy. So, I had to learn to be a good mother, a good partner, a good leader, trainer, healer. OMG, I learned so much, taking care of all the details. I had to learn to be happy, to feel, that I deserve the good things and to create them in my life… It took a while, but, where I am now is beyond my wildest dreams back long ago…

My mission is:

  • To inspire people to not make too big compromises in life, to learn to become alive and live life at its fullest with my own life example;
  • To give tools, that work even in the toughest situations, show them how they can get back to balance every time;
  • I want to show you, that you can, just as I could, but also telling the truth, that this is a foolproof way, that needs patience and commitment, takes time;
  • I want to make you passionate about lifelong learning and getting to know about yourself, learning the lessons, and releasing what is holding you back;

I WANT TO MAKE YOU UNSTOPPABLE! My passion IS LIFE! I’ve been there, where you are… I’ve been down there in hell, wanting to die, feeling that I had no choice, that my system cannot hold on the pressure anymore. I almost gave up on life, because I felt, that there was no choice…

Anxiety was eating my nerves…I was shaking, crying… I know what it feels like being helpless, when you feel that pain is unbearable… One part of you wants to give up, another part keeps the faith, that feels foolish in those very deep moments…

You hate those, who are happy and feel that life is unfair with you, although you did nothing wrong. I asked GOD a thousand times, why? Why me?

Why I don’t deserve it??? I was so angry… But I’ve learned, that I have to change, I have to make myself ready for the miracles, joy, happiness, success, because I carry a lot of shit…

I have to get rid of my own shit gradually, have to change my habits, beliefs about life and the way things work… When I started, I could hardly believe that it works, that it’s all up to me and how much shit I got rid of defined the amount of success in my life…This created a huge momentum and I kept on going, in the same time was improving my techniques and so reach bigger and bigger results with myself and with clients!

And today…

I feel the most blessed and happy person on this planet. Long ago I couldn’t even imagine the life I live now, that is so very special… OMG…still get emotional about it… My life is full of purpose, passion, energy, colors and shades…

I love to look at that woman in the mirror and am so proud of her… She is authentic, lives what preaches at all levels in every moment and already a role model to many people, who witnessed this… And I want to show you the same!



What do I need?

You need the commitment to change your life if you don’t wat to live the old way anymore. You need to have faith, that you deserve a better life, because I can get you there. You have to want it badly and do whatever it takes.

You have to feel, that you deserve more, than what you already have. Already with 30 minutes work daily, you will experience massive change!

What if I’m busy?

Along the process you can build up some time for yourself in order to charge up and grow. Doing the course is one of the most precious ways, you can spend time with yourself, because this will lead you to lifetime changes and results.

When I really wanted to achieve something, I cut off some time from my sleeping hours and now I got used to 5-6 hours sleep, still being healthy and full of energy!

I chose to be busy being alive instead of busy with suffer and pain…

What if I’m lazy?

I believe, that people are not lazy. They are just afraid of change and believe, that they cannot make it, it’s a habit, a typical reaction in certain cases. We will handle laziness along the course, since it’s a pattern. All you have to do is, create a vision about your new self and follow the steps.

Gradually you’ll become more and more driven and powerful creating the new you!

Never really did any course like this…

Welcome, no worries, even better, because you could save lots of disappointments already. There is nothing you won’t be able to do.

You just need to follow the steps and practice every day. You’ll notice the change and improvement in your life and personality. The worst thing that can happen is, that you’ll have more energy and power.

Nothing works, why will this work?

Lots of trainings, courses are good and offer great knowledge, but, the thing is the biggest obstacle is you. So, even if the course is great, you will be afraid of change and try to stop yourself every moment.

This course overcomes this challenge and shows you, how you will stop yourself. It also shows you, how to keep on going, how to avoid the traps, you put in your way!

I will be away for my holidays, can I still start it?

Yes, you can follow the course at your own pace. The 21 days’ challenge is also up to your time, you go as fast as you can.

How does the 21 days’ challenge work?

We will set up a goal and you will have to follow the steps you get in e-mail every day for 21 days. This is about to get you to your very first success, changing a habit, a pattern in your life.

This will give you momentum and also experience with the course and you will be already on track! There will be no way for you to get lost!

Who should NOT be on board?

I have to be honest, sorry, I am always passionate about the truth… So, those, who are not committed enough, not ready to take responsibility for their lives, should not join the course.

This is not for just making money, this is my passion.

I recommend this course to those, who want to change, are willing to act, but are stuck with the right HOW, this is what is holding them back.

Those, who can’t overcome stopping themselves are still welcome, because here I teach you how to do it.

Just pretending that you do everything, by buying stuff and not doing it, does not lead you anywhere. Then you rather accept your shit and do not cry about it!

Daily Problem Solving Skills

Here’s a quick recap of what you get:

  • Action Book
  • E-book
  • 14 Meditations
  • 3 audios
  • Worksheets
  • 21 Days’ Challenge
  • Community Support

With me, you spend:

$87 US


Risk free! Money back guarantee! If you don’t like it, doesn’t work for you, then you get your money back within 30 days from date of purchase!

Time to go for it!!! Register now and begin your course immediately!

Are you ready to say yes, to creating the life beyond your dreams?

Warm up your muscles! Great things are awaiting you!

Lots of love,





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