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It Is Hard Accept Uniqueness, But Why?

Andrea on April 21, 2016 - 7:08 pm in Healer

The life of lightworkers isn’t easy. Probably other people may find these skills special. They have very strong intuitions, can read others mind, may see things, can heal, can help others with various methods…

A lightworker learns, adopts or develops these skills. Each one does it in a bit different way. It is like a fingerprint, everybody brings these skills and does them a bit differently.

Interesting world… then we go on the street and we feel like aliens.

Life isn’t easy for me either… There is a closed, tight community, who understands me and with whom I try to surround myself. People who feel the same find me. They say they finally feel that their feelings and words are understood by someone.

People make jokes about my beliefs. What was I in my previous life? They ask… Meanwhile I suffer in pain how I relive some of my previous lives. I can still feel and see those memories stored in my subconscious mind.

What it feels like for my hair dresser when she gets to know, that I can read her mind? She’s been scared for a few months…

It wasn’t conscious rather instinctive for me… Now she just laughs about it. Sometimes she jokes: ‘now she doesn’t even dare to think about anything’.

What it feels like, when I walk in the street meanwhile perceiving things like what other people have on their minds, what life they live, what their problems are, their main personality traits, their issues.

I just see that they are blind, they don’t see or don’t want to see all this, because they are afraid. They are afraid of the truth. They live in a strictly limited world…

It is better to be ignorant and follow others, depend on addictions, stuck in problems, because somehow we got used to that and we are so much afraid of the unknown. And this is unknown, an intangible world full of mysteries we have to discover.

I see and feel things that are true but I can’t prove them. When I use these, let’s name them special skills – which can be learnt by anyone by the way – miracles happen… People get healed, they get cured from their physical and mental issues. It’s so good to see that they start to become alive…

On the other hand, it is depressing that people don’t understand me, because they don’t see and experience those dimensions of life that I do. They are unreceptive and insensitive. They get used to live passively and fearfully for nothing. Meanwhile they are just drifting and suffering.

But they still don’t notice, because they can’t see truth… like they were walking with eye-shades…

I don’t make compromises anymore, to show only 10-20-40% of myself only. Yes, I was punished for my knowledge many past lives and this held me back for a long time, but not anymore. I have already eliminated these fears.

I want to exist on 100% as the real myself who is accepted fully by the environment, the society. This is why the environment, where you live in has to be chosen wisely. Many times even spiritual people don’t understand me, because I dug down way too deep.

They correct me or they say it is not good, don’t do this or that… But there is my inner voice, which knows what to do. It doesn’t trick me, so I listen to myself mostly. Of course there are always questions, but my faith is very strong.

I take on what I represent, because that is reality. The fact, that others are not ready to accept, and admit it, is their own choice. I cannot deny my real self, who I am, what I know.

Though I wished many times, why I wasn’t the same average kind of girl like the others, with an average life. Many times it was hard to go against the mass and I had to be careful not to give up my faith. I had to believe that what I was doing and where I was going was right.

So, here I am, and there is no doubt, that what I do and how I live is right. The results justify my life philosophy. My faith and the feedback – after so much blind hard work – unleashed so much power within me.

I accept, that I can heal. I heal and I cure people with pure love and light.

I am a medium who spreads light and love on Earth. I take responsibility finally and I want to motivate everyone to do so. This is a hard step for many of us, but the more of us does, the more people will dare. More and more people will wake up, start to realize and open to explore their own depths.

The more mess we cleanse, the more light, love and fulfilled people will be, who communicate on a different level with each other. This is the miracle of life!

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