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Lack of Self-Motivation and its Effects that Ruin Your Life

Andrea on February 23, 2016 - 4:23 pm in Self-Concept, Woman

Why is self motivation so important and why don’t we have it?

Self motivation is the power to take the own initiative in order to fulfill our goals, dreams, desires.

Can we live without self motivation? Not really. If we choose to do so, we get stuck in fear and just survive.

Why some people are more motivated than others is, that the fear is less than the desire and this is the key to change. Living life means that we choose to grow, to follow continuous change.

In the era of information technology things change so fast. It’s not long ago, since we have our smartphones and most of the things we can shop online. We search online, chat online, like online, live online.

Everything happens so fast, so we need to adapt in order to be able to keep the pace.
Self motivation is a powerful skill in order to be able to follow change, to set up new goals, to respond to change with changing the self.

Most of us don’t have the life we desire, don’t live the life of our dreams, this is a fact.
What is happening is, that many of us don’t really believe that we might have it, so just give up on reaching our dreams.

Why? Because then we would need to change, but first of all motivate ourselves to change.
Why we don’t change is because the FEAR is bigger than the DESIRE and therefor the skill of self motivation is missing.

Now, going behind the scenes, we may find out deeper reasons, why we don’t move and miss self motivation:

• Fear to change
• Fear to be happy
• Fear of the unknown
• Fear of failure

Yes, it is very hard, to get out of the comfort zone and change, you need to force yourself and develop the skill, otherwise you can simply ruin your whole life.

How does this happen?
Self motivation keeps you alive, fear makes you survive. Survive… is that the real purpose???

How does this happen? People living in fear, don’t move and for this reason they might experience various symptoms. I would mention a few, the most important ones.

One very common effect of lack of self motivation is anxiety. We want to move, want to change, have that deep desire inside, but we are afraid to do anything.
Maybe sometimes we move, but the fear is so big, that we return at the first failure. When desire bumps into fear, we get anxious, the adrenaline floods the blood, we get nervous or very tired in the same time, because behind the scenes we try to stop ourselves from moving forward. But the soul longs for fulfillment, happiness.
If we don’t move, because of this inner push and will to go for it, we might get stronger symptoms and various illnesses.

Another very common effect of lack of self motivation is depression. Depression is the rejection to live due to various happenings in life like: divorce, losing job, hating self for various reasons like, outlook, shape, body weight, failures. Depression is simply seeing life trough negative and dark glasses, sometimes accompanied with the deep desire to die, because we see our lives pointless.
Anyone might have some periods of depression in life. That time self motivation is absurd, a hopeless attempt even from other people’s side. Of course there are medications to handle the mood, but that won’t bring the real change, that won’t make us truly alive.

Who am I? Self motivation is keeping you alive, that you keep going, reaching out for your goals and dreams, never giving up. If you don’t have the skills to do it, then you stuck where you have been, having fear to move in any direction. This is because you were conditioned to do what others wanted you to do.
To make a shift takes effort but is definitely worth it. Nothing is as precious then being your true self and living the life you want to live.
You need to choose a direction and make steps even if it is fearful, cannot stop otherwise you might waste a lifetime.

Stress is caused mainly by not doing what we want to and not being who we are.
Yes, self motivation with the true self are strongly connected. Sometimes it is so hard to give up on a job that we hate and earn a lot of money, give up on a relationship, where we feel secure but unhappy, give up on friends who pull us down, but we want to be loved so much, give up on activities and habits that waste our time.

So in fact not being who we are causes anxiety, depression, losing ourselves and a lot of stress.

The way is not easy and is full of stones, but nothing is more powerful than being our true self, motivating ourselves every day, to go for our dreams and so share our gifts with others, that only we have and only we can share.

So, please, take the initiative, because self motivation is a wonderful skill to keep going to find out the miracles hidden in ourselves.

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