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The Lightworker Who Wants To Save Everyone

Andrea on April 21, 2016 - 7:04 pm in Healer

A lightworker learns something and wants to save everyone with it. Feels, that know the big solution to the problems and wants to share it with everybody.

Whenever a lightworker meets someone, can’t talk about anything else but the miraculous things he or she knows and tries to save people against their will.

Does it make sense?

Yes, at least for me! I kept doing this in the beginning, when I started to deal with kinesiology.

I wanted to practice on everybody, I started to see through people on that particular level and I was quite pushy considering my impulsive character… Of course, people pushed me away with the exception of a few and I didn’t really understand why.

If I have the right solution, why doesn’t one need it?

The answer has become pretty clear by now. I only help those who need it. I leave those who are not open and not interested.

I only open for those who want it and until the extent they can receive the information.

I am much freer because I don’t force, but I still can give some hint that makes the conversation to talk only about spiritual topics. No goal, no pressure, only unintentional instinctive manifestation.

I have non spiritual friends too with whom I can talk about deep spiritual topics, but in a different way.

There are many – mostly rich – people who do instinctively, what took me years to learn and develop as skill. They are instinctively positive. They instinctively know the universal laws that create wealth and happiness.

Yes, my path originates from deeper and maybe will rise higher, but it is awesome to experience these things…

I know successful people whose life is in ruins and others who are able to make a balance between work and family…

Everybody operates differently and we have to accept it. We need to use other methods and we will get to the same and desired destination.

So, first of all, save who wants to be saved!

Not for self-justification, putting pressure on people, like I did in the beginning, selfishly. You have to give with pleasure and love.

Once in the kindergarden the Tunisian and Brazilian mum remarked how calm and balanced my son was.  They listened to me with openness about the spiritual background and persistent work on myself, that had this result.

I told them: when David (my son) was angry I worked on myself, looked into myself because he reflected me. As soon as I become balanced, he changes mood as well…. has no problems anymore.

I told this monologue in like 2 minutes meanwhile I was observing the mothers, their reactions, if they cared about what I was saying. If they didn’t, I would have stopped it. I like to raise their attention, if they are open and they seemed interested.

One mum even said, that I could teach them practice, while our kids are playing together during summer. I said certainly. If they wish and they will want it, I will gladly let them have an intro into my world. But I won’t force it!

It was just an example of presence, attention and how I promote myself.  I don’t promote myself because I know that whoever needs me can find me, but I am not the right person for everyone. Everything should be let to work out…

If you don’t push too hard, time will sort it out. It took me 7 years to learn this lesson…

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