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Andrea on August 22, 2017 - 5:03 pm in Traveller

I dedicated one whole day for the trip to Luxemburg. I borrowed the car of my boyfriend as he worked another day. It was a 2,5-hours-drive one direction.

Luxemburg is a very small country, where taxes are extremely low, but prices are high. I could witness it in the restaurant. The quality was average, the price was high and the tax was 3% on the receipt. This is why a lot of companies are founded in Luxemburg and a lot of money ends up there.

As you drive across the country, you drive along the beautiful mountains of Ardennes. A lot of green, everything is clean and tidy. As you get in the capital directly from the highway, you see that you’re in a rich place. The city is not big, but beautiful, right between the mountains. Big bridges, no river, modern skyscrapers in one corner, old classical buildings in the other corner.

Everything is calm and easy, no stress, not many problems…

I ended up again in a church. I find churches quite easily. I bump in to the churches that are crucial in terms of cleansing by accident. Do my first church here was The Sacre Coeur- Sacred Heart, with Jesus. There I had a nice conversation with Jesus.

I was very tired, exhausted, cleansing a lot lately. I went to a lot of countries and to ground the shit that is coming up, to cleanse it through my own system… that requires a lot of energy… I was tired, I felt in pain…

On one hand I know, that I have to do it, that there is no one else to do it, but still, I am a human being with emotions, I get tired, I work hard, I make a lot of sacrifice… So Sometimes I get overwhelmed and that is normal.

This church felt so good, I felt that I find relief, besides that I found a lot of answers regarding the bond between the energy of money and the country.

I got great recognitions, I made a deep spiritual work. Most of the time, that I spent there I was alone and I still love to be alone…

Then I went to the Notre Dame, not the one from Paris, but there is one in Luxemburg as well. This old church was dedicated to Mother Mary. There I had a lot of work to do, since the church was quite old… and yes, still worked on the religion…

After looking and walking around I decided to go to a big lake up north. I wanted to see the countryside, there was no highway. I went between the mountains. As I arrived to the lake, I felt so much peace, it was all quiet.

So, I could relax and focus on connecting people with nature.

There is one big problem with rich countries and well-situated people… When you get everything in your life, you don’t care. You don’t care about learning, growing, about others, about awareness about deep questions.

You are busy with your life, work and money that you have and spend. You become a safe player, and are afraid to risk, therefor you are not alive. You live your life between huge limits, money and the fear of losing money. You don’t dare to be brave, to try out new things. In my terms, that is not life and that is very far from true life.

I feel lucky, that I never got enough money, because that kept me in motion, I became a risk taker. I had no fear of losing it and therefor I was not afraid to take risk in my life. Since I had a lot of problems, that I feel grateful for, I had a lot of questions.

It was not easy to find the answers, but I kept on searching, exploring. In the end, I found myself being a totally different person. I am FREE…


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