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The Lightworker And The Money

Andrea on April 21, 2016 - 6:59 pm in Healer

Money is a sensitive question for spiritual people, who come from poverty most of the times. Lightworkers deny wealth, consider it a sin. If they start to use their power, usually they don’t dare to ask for payment in return… or they want too much.

Meanwhile most lightworkers work hard and want to earn money by doing something they don’t have a passion for, normal jobs. I have seen it around me many times and I was doing the same…

I have walked through the scale financially. I have lived from day to day, I risked everything, let me emphasize it EVERYTHING, taking the possibility of fail, because I had faith.

If we speak about learning – and I felt I need to –  I never regretted a single penny spent on it. Sometimes I spent my not existing money, blindly signing up for trainings. The most expensive was a 5-day-long training in Thailand for about 12K USD. The story, how I got the money for it has been a miracle.

Lightworkers usually don’t let money into their lives, but they regret to spend it as well, even for such essential things as learning or development. They say they don’t have money– even if it is true – they shouldn’t affirm it. It’s lack of faith!

Faith starts to expand when we face things that seem impossible because we believe and we get over the limits of our mind. Simply because we are capable of doing it! The limits are only in ourselves.

We judge rich people. But is it really our fate on Earth to just financially survive, while we give our heart and soul to help people?

Shouldn’t we accept wealth in return? Well this is a self-punishment program.

Greed? I have been greedy for a long time. I would lie if I said I hadn’t. All this was fed by the feeling of helplessness and lack of money, twisted up with a bunch of blockages brought from home. I didn’t realize money is a tool not a goal. Certainly, I was suffering from the need of money, because I created it, it was never enough for me…

Many who become rich stay greedy, the money is never enough for them, but why?

Because they think that money is power, so they try to substitute the lack of their own power with money. They try to compensate… in the wrong way.

We run many programs at subconscious levels, and we can’t or don’t dare to appreciate ourselves.

Lightworkers tend to give up on themselves and their power. They want to be loved, want to be important, they are afraid of asking for payment meanwhile starving… They cannot say no either, their confidence and character is usually too weak to do so. These are all subconscious programs that we brought with ourselves on the long or short way. We should definitely let them go.

I have walked all over the emotional ladder on the scale of “how to ask for the value of our work and energy”. My time by now is too valuable for that great value I give in return. So I ask for the price I feel right and that makes me feel appreciated. I still have to pay my bills.

I care of many-many things and the helping intention accompanies me on my way everywhere. I try to help everyone be it a simple smile or a harsh teaching.

Money, money, money… Everybody has to pay the bills, everybody eats, except for the lighteaters, everybody lives somewhere. There is no greater blessing when one finds the carrer, that he or she does from heart. That is the biggest value!

Why shouldn’t we ask for money for our goods and services? Why do we limit ourselves to get fulfilled at all levels and have reasonable life standard? The barrier is only ourselves, money is not a sin, money is a tool by which people become free in this material world where basically everything costs money.

The more you have, the more you can give. If you don’t need it, share it! Learn how to be able to accept, to accept and to create wealth.

This is my goal, to become wealthy! Thus I will be more powerful, practicing my power and then establish a foundation to support children’s personal development.

I have a vision, a dream. I know is going to come true. A person dreams his or her life at a certain level of consciousness. Simply becomes one with it so will create those dreams.

I have huge plans to help humanity, to give value in many ways.

Of course I will deserve traveling and freedom too.

You also deserve it!

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