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International Court
Andrea on August 22, 2017 - 4:19 pm in Traveller

I have lived in the Netherlands for one year in 2003-2004, so it was not much new for me…

I have been studying there with scholarship, being on a big international campus of a college… I loved that year…

This time I went to visit my boyfriend in Belgium. So, as he had a lot of work, I thought I would go to the Netherlands while he works, to cleanse there what I can. I decided to go to The Hague, as Amsterdam I’ve visited a lot of times. The Hague is anyway the political and administrational center of the country and a lot of ministries, institutions you find there. Of course, there is the international court of the EU and that was my main target.

So, the plan was to go to The Hague, check the Dutch and go to the Court, which strategically felt more important for me and my work…

As cleansing the Dutch, I realized a lot of things.


First of all, they take so much care of the environment, everything is so well-organized, they bring out the best of soil. I have to admit, that they are very smart. On the other hand, women are very masculine ‘treated equal’… You don’t see soft women there, softness is not that acceptable. So, the problem is that for the sake of equality, women became masculine and so gender identity got a lot distorted.

Another thing, that I feel inside people is, that they are in their head. It doesn’t feel like they have a heart or that they are searching for deep awareness and understanding.

Their world is rather on the surface, have an average life, do their jobs like hard-working smiling ants and everything is all right.

So, I worked a lot on this topic.

Regarding the International Court of Justice, I cleansed, so that the whole institution works based on the truth and light. They do what is best for people in order to serve good things. I cleansed dark energies, grounded the place. I did a lot of things besides… but these are hard to understand.

This was in short, my trip and cleansing in the NL. Then I went immediately to Brussels to go on woth the Belgians…


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