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Hi, I'm Andrea

Spiritual healer, business mindset coach, who helps people find their purpose, get out of depression, anxiety, feeling lost and fulfill their dreams in all terms.

I started this journey 12 years ago. I had very big mental issues, I was completely lost, so my knowledge saved my life.

It is time for me to give back, make a difference and assist people become unicorns, unfolding their true gifts...

I am a single mom entrepreneur, own a waxing salon. I am also a polyglot, speaking more than six languages, a traveller, seaker, discoverer, curious about life.

I live every day of my life as if it was my last. I want to live in a different world, so I dedicated the rest of my life to making a difference to the extent, I can.

I play all in, no fears, no excuses as this way I can honor this great opportunity I got, being born as a human, woman, light worker soul.

I am gifted and I support people bring out their gifts.

Life is amazing, we just need to learn the right strategies, mindset, unfold our true purpose...

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