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To be confident speaking English comes by practice and knowledge. There is also our own #self-#confidence and #self-#esteem that defines the rhythm of learning, but in this blog post, I show you some great tools, that you can use to improve fast with joy and fun.

But before that I need to talk about #mindset. The way we approach #language #learning and language speaking depends on our mindset, the way we think about our learning capacities, the way we are used to learn new stuff.

This is why, if the techniques mentioned later on, don’t help, I advise you to work on your mindset, reprogramming your self-concept and learning #habits and #beliefs. This way you can save a lot of time, energy and money, what you could lose with too much delay and effort.

You can make it!

You need to feel confident, to support yourself, to have the faith that you can make it! This will push you through hard times and you will succeed the fastest possible!

Now, let’s talk about how you can become confident.

We learn can learn something many ways. One way is #modeling, copying something or someone. The easiest way to become confident is to pick a movie with a confident and fun character, take a section, get the script and memorize a section.

Make use of opportunities!

You can find trailers and short videos from almost any movie onYouTube for example. You can easily pick one, maybe you can google the script as well. If you have this, all you need to do is, practice. First just watch, read, copy and play. Try to copy everything, voice tone, #bodylanguage, accent you can dress up accordingly. Consider it as a big game and play it, enjoy, have fun, don’t care about the mistakes. You will improve every time you do it!

Your mind is just amazing!

Your mind is built up in a way, that learning is natural during the process, it comes with repetition, so don’t worry about that, just enjoy the process!

Learn to play one role, a confident role, enjoy. If you are done, take another one and learn that too! For example, Eddie Murphy has great characters, Adam Sandler, Samuel L. Jackson in pulp fiction. You only need to decide what you like, what does it mean confidence for you and find the perfect match, the perfect character. Learn it, play it…

As you play it, you become more confident. If you want to challenge yourself, you can play it in front of friends. The more people see you, the more confidence you need. You will break through your walls quick and easy.

Get Inspired!

I wish you great success and lots of fun!

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