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Most of the people are so stressed about language learning as they lost the joy and fun. We learned to block our learning skills...

First of all, let's talk about why we are so stressed about learning languages. We have a hard time learning a new language, because we have lost the joy and passion to learn, together with the right skills.

Everything becomes a must and as we get stressed out, our brain is focusing on handling pressure more, than on learning the language. This way our ability to learn is blocked and we struggle, not moving too much forward.

The core issue is our mindset, the way we approach language learning.

We have already learned one language, so theoretically we should be able to learn another language, any language, as many languages as possible.

Why is language learning still a problem then?

Now let’s go back to early childhood and see how a baby is learning native language.

A baby is curious, a baby is programed to learn naturally and learns through discovery and repetition. A baby’s learning skills are not blocked until he or she is supported, cared for. A baby plays, explores, discovers, laughs, has a lot of fun, tries out different things, listens, copies and therefore memorizes.


Once upon a time you were a baby… you have those skills deep inside!

Our memory is open naturally until we don’t block it, with pressure, fear, pain, anger. So, we memorize things instinctively, if we hear and see them enough times, without much doing anything. This is how we learn songs, ads, slogans, anything new that is around us for a certain amount of time.

Beliefs and habits is key...

We have memory, we are just stressed out about language learning as for many of us it is a must and we have our learning skills blocked. The way we learn or we block the learning process becomes a habit, a belief, a conviction stored in the brain, that the brain executes over and over. We need to overwrite this conviction, if we want to have better results. We can do this reprogramming our mindset, changing our beliefs, habits about learning.

As part of these habits, we don’t focus on learning like a baby, but we focus on what we don’t know, as we are afraid to not understand and have fear of failure. Our mind gets stuck in the gaps we don’t understand and we get lost in this trap. If we hear a sentence, we get stuck on the first word, we don’t understand… and then it’s all messed up...

Don’t care about what and how you say! Don’t be afraid of failure! What you should do is…

Focus on what you already know, listen, observe and try to guess the rest. The more you hear a word together with body language or with the help of the text, the more you can guess what it means. You don’t have to know everything. Try to guess, feel, what it means. Every time you will understand more and more. Pretend as you understand and read body language.

Simply say what you know, how you can and observe, how others are talking. You can learn from what and how others say and slowly memorize grammar, new words, expressions. Just allow everything to come to you and simply open your mind! Allow your memory to memorize, don’t block it, don’t stress yourself out, don’t put pressure on yourself, just simply enjoy the process!

Focus on listening, watching, speaking, discovering the language, observe, be open and you will go much faster. Try to find ways to learn the fun way with friends, cartoon, music, movie, travel, challenge yourself, be open to the world. If you have problems to change, I advise you to work on your beliefs and mindset. That will bring you great results!

I wish you great success with language learning!

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