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How to learn a language fast is a great question as we are so impatient and want everything right away. Language learning is like a great master, that teaches you a lot about yourself!

Hi, my name is Andrea. I speak six languages fluently, some other languages at basic level. I am learning, improving every day. In this blog, I am going to write about the secrets of learning a language fast.

You can learn a language fast if you have the skills to learn fast. The more languages you learn, the better your language learning skills become, the easier it becomes to acquire a new language.

I advise you to read my book ‘Absorb Any Language Like a Super Sponge’ which you can download for free. You can find in the book section, In this book I mention all the skills, that you need to learn a language fast and not waste your time.

What if I tell you, you can learn any language, as many as you want?

Seriously, if you have the right skills, your brain becomes a sponge, that absorbs the language!

Your brain is like a supercomputer, you just need to learn to use it properly! We fail language learning, because we don’t know how to bring out the best of ourselves.

So, in this blog, I mention the main groups of skills, that you need to develop, in order to bring out the most of your learning skills and your brain capacity.

1. First of all, you need to create the right self-concept.

The way we think and feel about ourselves, defines our actions. If we hold on to fear and the conviction, that we are useless and stupid, not able to make it, we will block ourselves, no matter how hard we try developing learning skills.

2. Secondly, you need the right relationship with the language

Some people hate the language, they want to learn. It might be a general family issue, due to a past memory, that happened long ago. This means, that we hate a language genetically. For example Jews might hate German by instinct, because of the Holocaust. But, as I told you before, you definitely need to connect with the language you learn emotionally, as much as you can, and fall in love. This way you will be able to learn it faster, easier, feeling joy and love along the process.

3. Thirdly, we need to build a good relationship with people

Developing a good connection with people in general, will help us in learning and connection. As we are more open, we are more willing to connect with people. The chance that we will have foreigner friends speaking that language, will become higher. This creates more joy, more fun and more, brings a lot of life experience and new adventure. A lot of people are isolated from others. I have seen many people, who hate people in general and that is not beneficial in terms of language learning. If you hate people, you meet people, that you can hate. If you love people, you meet supportive people worthy of love!

4. Fourthly motivation and goal setting are crucial in language learning

There are different factors, that define our motivation, and other factors, that are defined by motivation. The right goal with the right motivation, kept alive along the process, is already 50% success. If you learn to keep your fire alive, you tend to win the game easier.

5. The fifth factor is learning skills

We are open to people, fell in love with the language, redefined ourselves for success, but still we need to develop the right learning skills. Therefore we need to develop a set of skills, in order to put the learning process on fire, so that we absorb the language like a sponge.

If we talk about learning skills, people wouldn’t think about the first four factors, although the picture wouldn’t be complete without them.

There are many skills in this topic, I would just mention a few of them: listening and comprehension, observation, analytical skills, creativity, focus, problem solving, memory, time management, pronunciation… but there are more. If you want to dive into it, please download the book in the book section, it is all for free!

6. The sixth factor is the tools and the 7. is the results

We need to build a mindset around finding, focusing and bringing out the best of the tools and be open to having the best results. Due to lack of self-esteem and the expectation to fail and give up, block us from having the best results.

Now you got an insight into the main factors, that you need to build skills around in order to bring out the best of yourself. Owning these skills, will bring you great results and growth also in other areas of life. Remember, your brain is a supercomputer, you just need to bring out the best of it, and become a sponge absorbing the language.

I wish you great success and lots of fun learning!

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