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Affirmations are an amazing tool for mind reconditioning, but most of the people easily fail using them. It can be dangerous or it can be a real blessing... depends on how you use affirmations.

An affirmation is a statement, a sentence, that repeatedly is able to change another statement, thought, habit within the mind of a human being. This is used by marketing to sell goods. The more you repeat an affirmation, the more energy is being created. The brain starts to learn and apply it and get rid of old beliefs, that contradict the new one.

But many times the new #affirmation fails...

The old belief is so strong, that the brain starts resisiting to the new information. The mind protects the old beliefs and creates various obstacles to stop change

Did you know, that the mind is against change. Change can mean death at any time and the brain cannot take that risk. Even if a belief we have doesn't serve us, we still hold on to it so much, because it assures our survival.

Like: I am weak. I am stupid. I better not change. I hate myself. I cannot make it.... and so on...

Our set of #beliefs define us. Our #mindset is a set of survival strategies.

You can overwrite old beliefs, statements in your mind with new ones anytime. The question is, how strong these beliefs are?

Saying a bunch of affirmations can create confusion, that leads to chaos in the brain. Imagine, you start bombing your system with new random affirmations... You are not aware, how strong the walls are, that you are hitting and that can be dangerous...

You have to make your mind become you ally!

You must build a strategy around changing your beliefs, not just randomly hit your mind with new affirmations.

Most of the people give up on changing mindset and reaching goals. They are not aware of the power of affirmations and soon they surrender to the defense system of the mind. The mind starts to tell an inner monologue that puts people off the new track and we soon give up...

How can we make our brains serve us and learn new beliefs and strategies?

1. We need to go step-by-step, belief-by-belief slowly, taking time and effort.

2. Even better if we sense, how our system reacts to the new information, because we can feel what we need to add, how we need to adjust with the affirmation.

3. We must assure the mind, that it is safe to change to that new belief, with that new affirmation.

4. We must keep on going and logically build it up!

5. We can overwrite one belief with more affirmations, using the senses as much as possible.

For this purpose, I developed the #ibrainologue. It is meant to help step-by-step to overwrite the old beliefs, with the new belief, with a strategically built set of affirmations. It is strong, effective, fullproof.

You can find #ibrainologue-s on my YouTube channel, the written version in some of my blog posts!

Change is the most effective with the right strategy, when you hold on to it. Never stop changing!

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