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There are many type of #meditations, that can bring us awareness. One great way of discovering ourselves is being guided through meditations, that helps us get rid of inner obstacles...

Meditation, #mindfulness, presence, empty head, serenity, bliss... There are lots of #emotional and mental states, that we can experience through meditation. It depends on what type of meditation we practice.

It can be listening to music, it can be listening to guidance, it can be sitting on a bench... It doesn't require much to meditate. It is a state of being, awareness. It depends on what skills we have, which develops through practice.

Guided meditations are great tool for self-healing, self-love, self-awareness.

In a guided meditation we are guided through a set of actions, visual and emotional pictures, in a relaxed state, using the power of imagination.

Doing visual, emotional exercises helps us develop many skills. We can focus better, we can relax consciously, we are able to hold limits, we become more creative, more energetic, more calm, more powerful. It is a great tool to heal ourselves from emotional wounds...

It might be hard to do some of the exercises, due to the inner blockages in the subconscious mind. By practice we are able to set ourselves free from the inner burdens, that we don't want to carry anymore.

Keep on practicing every day and you will experience its positive effects.

My guided meditations are targeted on bringing people in a relaxed state and at the same time bringing consciousness, awareness, inner peace and understanding.

Feel free to use my guided meditations from YouTube!

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